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Construction Applications

Construction Applications Construction Applications

In the construction industry, equipment downtime = lost money! If you have to pull your equipment out of service due to overdue oil changes, if you have costly engine overhauls due to wear from operating in extreme conditions and environments, or if you simply cannot afford to have any equipment downtime, then the Kleenoil Filtration System is the solution to keeping your equipment up and running.

Construction equipment is used in the harshest, dirtiest, and most rugged environments. Surprisingly, construction equipment is equipped with just ordinary full-flow filters which cannot remove the greater amounts of solid contaminants that enter through the air intake or are introduced into hydraulic systems. Often, as a practical solution, maintenance managers will change oil and filters earlier and more often to reduce engine wear. This, of course, increases oil change costs and when you are dealing with a large fleet of equipment, these cost increases can rapidly get into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Key Benefits of the Kleenoil Filtration System for Construction Applications

Recommendations for Use

The Kleenoil Filtration System will be a valuable addition for your construction equipment if

Seeing is believing! Listed below are some oil analysis reports from construction companies!

Wearcheck Oil Analysis - CAT 385B Backhoe Excavator

Wearcheck Oil Analysis - Gomoco 2800 Paver

Kleenoil Filtration Unit Specifications Table
Heavy Duty Filtration Unit Super Duty Filtration Unit
  Unit Cartridge Unit Cartridge
Code Number KU50/9778 KF50/1878 KU85/9788 KF85/1888
Engine Sump Capacity Up to 50 Litres Up to 85 Litres
Hydraulic Tank Capacity Up to 757 Litres Up to 1514 Liters
Water Retention <0.05% .45 Litres .98 Litres
Height 16.5 cm 10.16 cm 17.15 cm 10.16 cm
Diameter 16.5 cm 14.61 cm 22.23 cm 19.69 cm
Type of Usage Regular Engines, Hydraulic Systems, Diesel Fuel Filtration Larger Engines, Hydraulic Systems, Diesel Fuel Filtration
Pressures Maximum rating of 10 bar. Lid torque is 15ft lbs.
Oil Flow Rate Output levels are dependent on the viscosity, temperature, and degree of contamination and oil pressure. (Guide for SAE 15W40 oil at 158 degrees F and 60psi, the flow rate would be 0.55 gpm to 0.81 gpm)
Operating Temperatures Within operating specifications of engine, gear, and hydraulic oils.
Filtration Level Particulate contamination in accordance with BS 5540 part 4: 1981 and ISO/DIS 4406. ISO 14/9 equivalent to NAS 1638 class 6 - hydraulic oil specification.
Castings Constructed of aluminum to BS 1490 (M) Subjected to batch and individual testing.