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Kleenoil Hydraulic Kits

Kleenoil Hydraulic Kits Kleenoil Hydraulic Kits

The Kleenoil Filtration System can be converted from a lower pressure bypass engine oil filter to a high pressure hydraulic fluid filter simply by mounting the Kleenoil Hydraulic Block to the bottom of the filter unit.

There are three ports on the valve block:

Hydraulic Fluid Factoids:

Particles Breed Particles: As it passes through a system, an abrasive particle scrapes off further particles. Larger ones join the original to create a mass of wear catalysts. Smaller ones become silt, which builds up on metal surfaces to clog oil flow and cause sticking valve components. In-line filters do not remove silt (particles below 15 micron) and do not remove water.

Benefits of Kleenoil Hydraulic Kits


The Kleenoil Hydraulic Unit Data Sheet